Competent Leadership manual

Derived from material posted online by Joanne Morrison DTM, LGET at

The Competent Leader manual is broken down into 10 projects as follows:

The first five projects

Provide feedback for practical, simple things which leaders do.

Project 1; Listening and Leadership

Serve in 3 of 4 regular meeting roles listed.

Project 2; Critical Thinking

Serve in 2 or 3 regular meeting roles.

Project 3; Giving Feedback

Serve in 3 listed meeting roles.

Project 4; Time Management

Serve as Timer & one of three other meeting roles.

Project 5; Planning and Implementation

Serve in 3 of 4 regular meeting roles

Projects six to ten

Prepare us for the slightly more challenging aspects of leadership.

Project 6: Organizing and Delegating

Organize one of 4 projects for the benefit of the club

Project 7: Developing Your Facilitation Skills

Serve in any 2 or 4 meeting roles.

Project 8; Motivating People

Serve in 3 of 4 roles

Project 9; Mentoring

Serve another member in one of 3 suggested ways

Project 10; Team Building

Serve your club in a combination of two meeting roles or one of several club event chairs.