Prepared Speeches

Just about every Toastmaster meeting has at least one prepared speech being delivered.

Generally speeches are given by club members who are pursuing different Toastmasters educational goals - for example, completion of a Competent Communicator designation or Advanced Communicator Bronze/Silver or Gold.

Some meetings will have special education presentations called educational sessions (or "ed sessions") which are offered to help the club collectively learn a variety of skills. These help work towards completion of Advanced Leader Bronze/Silver designations as well as filling requirements for the Advanced Communicator Silver/Gold components.

Speeches generally has 5-7 minutes for Competent Communicator speeches (sometimes called "basic" speeches) and are evaluated verbally and in writing by a speech evaluator. "Advanced" speeches from the Advanced Communicator manuals are longer - generally between 10-15 minutes. Educational Sessions are in the same 10-15 minute range.

The club in general will also submit evaluations in writing so the presenter has a variety of feedback to draw from in order to grow.