Club Values

At PGTM, we have Team Operating Principles that we live by every week we are in operation.

1) Nobody gets left behind - we succeed or fail as a team.

When you become a PG Toastmaster, your success is our success. Your failure is our failure. Nobody gets left behind.

2) Anyone who wants to help is welcomed.

Regardless of your background and skill sets, anyone who wishes to make PGTM a better place and to help out is more than welcomed.

3) Anyone who wants to get on the agenda, can get on the agenda.

At PGTM we have a policy that if you wish to speak, you will get the place to speak. We will not turn down your request for a speech as a Toastmaster.

4) We embody the Toastmasters International program as much as possible. We are “by the book”.

Toastmasters International is a worldwide brand with set guidelines for how Toastmasters clubs worldwide are expected to operate, and rules to be followed. Our goal is to follow the Toastmasters International program as closely as possible.