Second Step - Using Base Camp

Alright, you are successfully signing into Easy-Speak and confirming attendance. We will work with you directly on individual meeting roles and how to undertake this. Remember that you can always join us before the meeting to help prepare yourself.

Base Camp is the tool that allows you to proceed in your Toastmasters speaking journey. It is where you will find the learning resources - the videos, the descriptions, the evaluation criteria - for each of the speeches that you will deliver in your Toastmasters journey.

Base Camp operates by allowing you to navigate your path. There are presently 11 paths in Toastmasters which cover a variety of different learning. For example, my first path was Effective Coaching and the most popular path overall has been Presentation Mastery. But you can choose whatever path is most appropriate for your journey.

Pathways has a handy little tool for picking your path which you will find at , however, you can always talk with any of our experienced members if you want some personal direction.

Once you have picked your path, you will sign into Base Camp at

Within Base Camp, you will access your path by clicking on "Education Transcript (Access My Path)"

You will then click on "Open Curriculum" to open your path

Within your path, you will have five different levels listed on the left hand side. On the right hand side of the page will be listed your various projects. The picture below is from a member who has completed their level 1 - this is why there are checkmarks beside each of the projects:

Generally within Base Camp we are moving projects from Not Activated to Completed. You will generally open the project - watch the associated video, answer any quizzes or questions, and read the evaluation for the project. Outside of Base Camp you will then deliver the presentation at the club. When you are finished with your presentation, you will go back to Base Camp and complete the project. This will then open up the next project.

Visually within Base Camp, you can see this transition as follows:

Not Activated

(See "Status" field = Not Activated; button says "Activate"; no check mark)

 In Progress

(See "Status" field = In Progress; button says "Launch"; no check mark)

 Completed (within the first week)

(See "Status" field = "Completed"; button says "Evaluate"; check mark present)

 Completed (after the first week)

(See "Status" field = "Completed"; button says "Launch"; check mark present)

If you have completed a project but Base Camp doesn't toggle over to "Completed" then open it up and check that you've finished off every question in the "Assess Your Skills - After" slide. You can click on the left/right arrows to get back to the slide or click on the dropdown at the bottom of the screen within the project:

And you can see on the quiz slide how it has five different questions which you need to click on "Next" to access.

If you have any problems getting around in Base Camp then please let our Vice President of Education Mike Carr <> know and he would be happy to help. Once you've got through the first couple projects you will find that it's second nature to move around but at first there's definitely can be a bit of a learning curve.

We look forward to hearing your ice breaker!