A Sample Meeting Agenda

Our agenda changes from week to week but generally follows the basic format outlined below.

7:00 PMCall To Order by Sargeant at Arms
Introduction of Toastmaster
Program Changes
Opening Thought
Introduction of Guests
Duty Officers:

Ah Counter

7:10 PMBusiness Meeting - using Roberts Rules of Order
7:25 PMParliamentarian's Report on Business Meeting
7:30 PMTable Topics (1-2 minutes per topic)
7:45 PMTable Topics Evaluation
7:50 PMBreak
7:55 PMCall To Order
7:58 PMPrepared and Manual Speeches
8:26 PMSpeech Evaluations
8:35 PMDiscussion for next meeting; Week at a Glance
8:40 PMDuty Officer Reports

Ah Counter

8:45 PMGeneral Evaluator
8:50 PMMerit Awards
Guest Comments
Good of the Order
Meeting Adjourned